Bobby Darin

I Am



      I have left the seed of life
      From South Hampton to Singapore
      And if tomorrow morning comes
      I guess I’ll leave some more.

      I’m a captain without an ocean
      And a lover without emotion
      And a monk free of devotion
      But I am, most of all, I am.

      I have worn the country’s colors
      In a thousand different ways
      I have won the game of life
      Upon the table which it plays.

      I’m a sun without a setting
      And a tear without regretting
      I’m a mind full of forgetting
      But I am, most of all, I am.

      Forgive me while I kiss away
      This thought that’s in my head
      But it’s the only proof I have
      That this old man ain’t dead.

      I’m a robin without its wings
      And a song nobody sings
      To the ivy no one clings
      But I am, most of all, I am.

      Yes I am, most of all, I am.



Lyrics transcribed by Marilyn Brown and Jane Penny

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